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  1. do pls somebody have SEC555: SIEM with Tactical Analytic or SEC506: Securing Linux/Unix or SEC503: Intrusion Detection In-Depth Pls share or send me a PM Thank you
  2. Well if everybody take that approach, there will be nothing shared. But I agree If I share something I will not have anzthing for trade so I understand.
  3. If you share 580 i can share 526, or please change with me 580 and i will share them both (I wll share 526 eitherway when i beautify them but please share yours too)
  4. almost all are good so any pentesting course
  5. Would please somebody share materials from BlackHat courses ? PLease PM me thank you
  6. Pls can somebody share ? Now I am looking only for FOR 500
  7. lol ... are you crazy ? of course it is detected.... it is software for training
  8. Parental control will not help. ... better would be to set place where all will be download and set the dircetory privileges for users on read only
  9. The problem is when you use security tokens with two factor authentification. I was going by that sequence but the two facto wsas not working
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