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  1. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) EX294 RHEL 8 Complete Video Course: Red Hat Ansible Automation, 3rd Edition [Hidden Content] Here is the torrent link [Hidden Content]
  2. You will be going to an Exam center and giving this exam individually at an 'kiosk' or similar standalone setup, you will definitely not be giving this exam at your home.Someone usually monitors you taking an exam remotely through multiple cameras pointed at you at all times. Individual exams can be a little flexible when it comes to scheduling them. Usually you would pay the required fee and someone from RH Center gets in touch with you with the earliest available date when you can take this exam at the Exam center. Once you pay the fee you should be able to sit for an exam well within a month. Good Luck!
  3. Hello Andrew, I cannot PM you, can you message me the link? Thanks
  4. Thanks, but as discussed on that topic that is an incomplete share with chapters 8-14 missing
  5. Here is a list of few missing videos - Amazon Machine Learning (Folder 5 is missing) - AWS concepts (Folder 5 is missing) - Docker certified Associate prep course (Only folder 1 & 8 are present, rest are missing) - Google Certified Professional Architect - Part 1 is missing
  6. This is an incomplete set. Only Lessons 1- 8 present, lessons 9-14 are missing [Hidden Content]
  7. You are correct, the title is incorrect but the content is still for EX443 - Performance Optimization
  8. The individual files are huge ~1GB each which causes errors when downloading them at low speeds. It has failed 3 times for me. I would appreciate if someone could upload them to an alternate site
  9. Can I request someone to provide this course on Linux Performance Optimization on mega or torrent? [Hidden Content] Thanks
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