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  1. torrent plz, with free mega account it takes many long breaks
  2. Please update about the new lab.
  3. I am planning to take CCIE COllaboration by june end, anyone interested please join,
  4. Hi, I tried downloading this torrent might be 8 months back , it reached 47.4 % and since then its stuck there,please help, I need this material. Thanks.
  5. its not going for a single mb beyond 47 %. is there any chance to get seeders ?
  6. Hi, I have to setup a site to site ipsec vpn between two ASA , one ASA1 has static ip but on another side we have ASA2 with dynamic ip address. I have attached a rough diagram for your reference. I want the ASA2 to be doing pppoe while adsl being in bridged mode, and i would also like do NAT and dhcp on ASA so that LAN site beside the |Asa2 can get connectivity/ gateway. Thanks.
  7. Hi Can anyone repost working link. all the links are dead.
  8. Hi Can anyone repost working link. all the links are dead.
  9. could you please let me know how you are practicing it. Can we make dot net file and run it onm gns/dynamips ... Thanks.
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