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  1. Dear All, When we use Windows XP we can open explorer using elevated rights using explorer/ separate but the same cant be done in Windows 7 kindly tell me if there is any work around. Regards, Syed Abbas
  2. Dear All, I had windows 7 Ultimate installed in my PC. Everything was fine, Recently I bought 500GB HDD and LED Monitor. Few days after that the problem started. Whenever I turn on the PC it just gives me 2 Options 1)Launch Startup Repair 2)Start Windows Automatically. When I select Launch Startup repair It takes so much time and finally says that unable to repair. Then when I restart my PC boots into Windows 7 without any problem. But the thing is I have to go thru the above process everytime when I switch on the PC. So I tried pluggin out all devices and plugged everything again, but it did not help. Then I tried Re-installing Windows 7 again but still the problem did not get resolved. Then I tried installing Windows XP, Now what happens it comes to the user login page and just hangs. Same like before I need to select "Last Known Good config" all the time I boot in. I have Dual 2GB DDR2 RAM. Tried working with one but nothing solved the problem. Kindly help me for a resolution. Regards, Syed Abbas
  3. Dear All, I would like to know is there any good way to share my Desktop's Broadband connection to Android Mobile. I have a Netgear Wireless USB adapter and I use Windows 7 Ultimate OS and I have Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray ST18i.. Kindly let me know if there is any possibility for the same. Regards, Syed Abbas
  4. When I connected my phone to USB cable it gave me option to upgrade. I followed the steps and it got upgraded without any problem. Regards, Syed Abbas
  5. Dear All, I would like to know clear steps to Upgrade my Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray ST38i from Android 2.3.x Gingerbread to Android 4.1.x Jelly Bean. Please some one help. Regards, Syed Abbas
  6. Hello, If you can google you can find so many softwares that serves your purpose Few of them are Regards, Syed Abbas
  7. Dear All, In my company we use Wipro Wep HQ 2600 Dotmatrix printer for Invoicing purpose. Since we use thin Client it does not have LPT port so we use LPT to USB Connector. Since we take much invoices per day contimously sometime what happens the print from the application will never come. Even if I give test page it wont come and finally what I will do is will delete the printer and again install it. Sometimes that will fix the problem sometimes even that woont fix so I will change the USB port and the install it again....That fixes the problem. But I need to know why this happes???Its doesn't happen everyday....It happens sometimes after couple of weeks sometimes after a month....anyone have any idea why this happens and what could be the posible cause for the problem. Regards, Syed Abbas
  8. Hi, Please search before you request. The training videos are given 2 posts below urs in the same section. [Hidden Content] Regards, Syed Abbas
  9. Hello Admin, Today when I logged in to CC and when I was checking MCITP forum suddenly i was shocked to see some other username which is logged in....So I just logged out and logged in again and checked whether its happening still its happening...Highlight is I also got Galvin's Login.....everytime I refresh the page it shows a new username....Please check...is the problem happening only for me or also to others??? Attached Screenshot Regards, Syed Abbas
  10. If the laptop is still under warranty, you may be able to get the issue resolved for free. If not, yes, I have heard of this being a common issue. One of my Dell's had the same problem, but for some reason or another, the battery started charging again. It could also be a bad AC adapter or battery as well. How old is the battery? If you know someone with a Dell that uses the same AC adapter, give that a try and see if the battery will charge so that you can spot out the problem. Regards, Syed Abbas
  11. Thx a lot need some more advise....please
  12. Hi Friends, I am from Chennai, India and I have 1 Year Experience of being Hardware Engineer and then had experience about 1 Year and 6 Months as "Remote Desktop Support Engineer". After that due to my family problems and also due to my health conditions I had to leave the job and after 7 Months I went to attend couple of Interviews....When I went they all started asking me questions on "What You were doing all this while" I gave them genuine answers but none of the companies seemed to be satisfied...So Just had a thought to Jump to Security Side..... Let me know If I study which certification I can get a job and also the domain should be different.Please let me know your views. My Certifications are: A+ IT Technician, MCP, MCTS Regards, Syed Abbas
  13. Cisco Systems has added a new certification in field support for their products. This certification is to be a Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) to perform on site installation on maintenance of the products that they offer. There are three tracks that you can choose from when going for this certification: Routing & Switching, Data Center, and TelePresence, and there is a separate exam (priced at $125) for each track which you must pass to gain the certification. Apparently, you must have the Routing & Switching certification before you can apply for either of the others, which means that if you want either of the other two, you will have to throw down at least $250. This certification lasts for a total of 3 years and to get re-certified, you must pass one exam from the list given here. On Indeed.com, there are a considerable number of jobs available for those with Cisco Certifications, so if you are in this field, it might be a good bet. Good luck! Source: Regards, Syed Abbas
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