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  1. Firass not configure in ts2 for nothing reason ip route...in TBS guidelines is mandatory, if u configure static route or default static route u can take 0 point...
  2. at my first attempt I had the same ticket with the same problem, asymmetric routing from server 1 to sw 501 and I wrapped myself without solving it ... after I tried replicating the same configuration that I had to examine in IOU and I solved applying distance ospf external 201 under ospf on sw111 which is the gateway to server 1.
  3. @balzanar33 u did exam i think, we apprecciate your FB, thank u
  4. on Cisco's 'book a lab' no dates are shown after 25th of December, kindly confirm if it's available after 25th or not. I think that now is early for lab in new years Cisco want fill in all the dates as much as possible and only after opening the last two months before the exams change (but it's just my assumption I'm not sure) 3-4 months are sufficient enough to give lab ( i want to do this and willing to give whatever it takes) Should be if you pratics all days more or less 6-8 hours if you can share all the lab links and material in response to this post, it will be really great-full There's enough post in page Cisco Share R&S from this forum, search and find everything you need
  5. Well done Rein!! congratulation for your magic number!! just one answer u said: - L2L VPN - The question said LAN users in /16 as in the workbook) communicate with ACL and NAT for Internet is already configured on R71. U did just crypto for phase 1 and 2 mirrored acl in R24? was there any call back to the route map underneath the nat acl? (as you had read in another recent feedback) ThNK U
  6. as soon as I had calmed down and made local mind where I could have lost points, in addition to having definitely forgotten the MPLS from router 3 (the blue vrf does not receive routes on router 7) I rechecked the WB seeing the differences, they added a couple of lines on the MST, asked to do at most three instances no longer two with the ODD and EVEN as always, but I did not focus well on that task because I was in shock at the beginning, I did as usual, I promised myself to look at it but I did not have time unfortunately ... asked to do as more or less as H3 with three instances and in the third to put the 3001 but I did not understand well in the third which asked. For the DMVPN I found already the vrf with the Rd inserted without BGP and with the routing between the areas adn SP that had slightly changed but I do not remember exactly the request, the solution I adopted worked anyway, nothing difficult.
  7. 18 months for the firts attempt maximum between Written and Lab, if you fail at first attempt, you can attempt until it expires your written everytime you want. From the first attempt to the next you must wait 30 calendar days for everyone.
  8. Yes 30 calendar days, i did 60 Just for my problem's job
  9. Thank u, i know this One i want pratics h1+ like the other One and i don't want left nothing ti Destiny..
  10. I don't believe that!! I'll pm you
  11. Drag and drop??? Is not like written guys, u must to do answer click in flag from answer in exam, thanks to line of cloudshark, i advice to download and try the line like working (http.request.method==get. TCP.stream eq 4)
  12. Nope..Just in R14 and R15,but depends which filter in task, in wb theresn't in task 2.7 for R14 and R15 but there's in task dmvpn vs Spoke with filter for corporate but with similar prefix...but in exam should be in task 2.7 for corporate site with same prefixes for corporate
  13. thank you my friend, I'm not giving up! I'll try again before it's over in the year.
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