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  1. zixkhalid


    can you re upload SEC577
  2. he is one of the top bug hunter in the world so just think about it
  3. does anyone have dawid czagan courses that are listed here [Hidden Content]
  4. can any one share this course Introduction to Game Cheat and Software Hacking on Windows [Hidden Content]
  5. can any one share this training Windows Kernel Defense and Hacking for beginners to experts [Hidden Content]
  6. could anyone share the videos for SEC760, 2020
  7. I need this book Hardware Security: A Hands-on Learning Approach I found it here [Hidden Content] but this site changed the policy to vip members only who can download so if anyone could help me
  8. because of the COVID-19 SANS finally will put videos recorded for SEC760 which is the top course they have ever assembled, so if anyone by any mean can get those videos or we can make a group to buy the course it would be great.
  9. guys the SEC760 will have videos finally because of COVID-19 they will use remote session which is recordable
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