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  1. Passed 2 days ago PCNSE using163q with corrections and the extra 6q. They are still very valid.
  2. Has any one taken the PCNSE Exam recently ?? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Please can any one share the PCNSA dump with 74 questions please??? Are they still valid ?? Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you very much for this valuable resource. Please can some one confirm if this is still valid ?? My friend wants to take this exam in a weeks time. Thank you for the support in advance.
  5. Dumps still o.k ...a friend passed yesterday with 9xxx
  6. Please can someone send a PDF version of the dump ??? I cannot open the Mega version. This will be appreciated. I'm writing the exam next week.
  7. Pleas any valuable resource?????
  8. Yep.......took the exam last week. They are still very o.k I passed with 9xxx
  9. The questions are still very current. I did my exam last week and I passed with high mark of 925.
  10. Please can any one share a new dump ? Thanks in advance.
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