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  1. Congratulations @samooel, which dump did you use?
  2. Hi every1, Could any1 please share the student version of C4C OR SPOTO Workbooks. Thanks in advance.
  3. I wish you all the best @Dave513
  4. Hi jimmyjiiimz Did you do your test on September or before?
  5. Rev1

    CCNP R&S Expired

    Many thanks sir, much appreciated.
  6. Rev1

    CCNP R&S Expired

    Dear all, My CCNP R&S expired on July 2020, kindly advise how to renew it in order to proceed for CCIE EI,,,, Thanks in advance.
  7. thanks a lot noobotron what other materials do i need to prepare for CCIE Enterprise?
  8. Guys, For those planning to take the written test, should they take in the new updated blueprint or still Can take it based on the old RS?
  9. congrats guys, can you pls share the link to MK dump. thanks in advance.
  10. Rev1

    Advise needed

    Many thanks all for your sharing your thoughts and provide clear and helpful advise and ideas, really appreciated. I totally agree that the gap between CCNP RS and SP is a lot bigger than what i anticipated, that is why i have already started the suggestion of @nickmhinduro to go through INE SP v4.1 once and decide after that on whether to start SP track from scratch or proceed with CCIE SP. Once again thanks a lot for your kind support.
  11. Rev1

    Advise needed

    Dear all, I completed my CCNP RS recently, however due to company requirements i have shifted my focus from RS to SP and started gathering information towards CCIE SP, my question is do i have to go through CCNP SP to get solid knowledge or CCNP RS background is enough to proceed for CCIE SP? Thanks alot for your support.
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