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  1. Can you show the Output with Router ID of the Units which are showing as the Next hop in the routing table. I think this is being decided on the basis of Tie Breaker
  2. I am looking for Optimal Routing Design book by Russ White. Anyone with this book ?
  3. I think the answer is A. Reason : IDP is basically a defensive mechanism to prevent or avoid Intrusion. Application Firewalls are used when you don't have the standard/Static ports information and the application flow is dynamic.
  4. Hello All, Glad to see this forum is back. Need to touch base with you guys. Did any one of you get Cisco SCore certificate from Cisco on passing CCIE Security Written exam before 24th Feb 2020 ? I remember this was committed by Cisco but few of my friends who appeared for 400-251 did not receive any certificate up till now. Regards
  5. Hello Everyone, I am looking for the subjected book if anyone can share it. "Network Programmability and Automation: Skills for the Next-Generation Network Engineer " Thanks and Regards.
  6. Hi kewldudex, Waiting for the Spoto103 file.., could you please share it here ?
  7. Spoto 103 file is required guys, We can correlate it with abid's file to get the maximum. Anyone ?....................
  8. Congrats ! Could you please share the Spoto 103 file ?
  9. WooooW Mahn Congrats ! The same source or a new blend ? Waiting for your response
  10. Congratulations and thanks for the information. Could you please share the PDF ? or point towards the pertaining post ? There are multiple files.
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