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  1. Hi all, Please see the question bank for the 2V0-31.19 exam. However can we validate the answers as I dont think all are correct. A 2V0-31.19.pdf
  2. Yes about 65 questions were from this dump
  3. Hi, Could you share any materials as I am planning to take the exams soon A
  4. Any VCPs clarify the answer are correct on the original file?
  5. I failed due to a mind blank and probably answered wrong. But going through my notes I don’t think the answers are wrong
  6. Check my post where I attached the dump
  7. Sorry just saw this... i did this last weekend.... I failed maybe because of a mind blank. But every question was from there... my takeaways... really need to know the KVM environment and CLI for ESXi
  8. Hi all, I attempted the 2V0-41.19 exam recently and unfortunately failed ( i know I answered a few wrong due to mind going blank). I had questions from the attached pdf. Maybe the jumbled answers threw me off. Can someone VMWare NSX guys please verify the answers and also maybe helpful fo others. A 2V0-41.19.pdf
  9. Hi all, Anyone pass the 2V0-41.19 exams, i.e., the NSX-T Exam. Any pointers or study guide would be appreciated A
  10. Hi all, Does anyone have the lastest dumps for Palo Alto PCSNE 9.0? A
  11. Hi all, I am looking for INE's JNCIP-SEC JN0-634 urgently. Is there a link where I can download please. A
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