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  1. PCNSA Dump file September 2nd - 2020 Download Link [hide][Hidden Content]] If someone can validate once they sit for an exam, it will be very much appreciated
  2. Hi Jack, These are the only ones in the share I was able to find. If the original poster can quickly check if the files on rapidgator have additional files, I will be more than happy to download theirs and upload it again.
  3. I have uploaded them to DropGalaxy as I was going to share it this morning, anyways, please find it below. I didn't want to open a new topic as it's already here. Here is the description as well. Kaspersky Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering course These courses are intended for security researchers and incident response personnel, malware analysts, security engineers, network security analysts, APT hunters and IT security staff. Students will become familiar with the scope of reverse engineering applications, assembly language, corresponding tools, common techniques used by malware authors to maintain persistence, avoid detection, inject into system processes memory etc. The advanced course will cover most of the steps required to analyze a modern APT toolkit, from receiving the initial sample, all the way to producing a deep technical description with IOCs • Basic analysis using IDA Pro • Dynamic analysis using popular virtualization solutions and debuggers • Malicious documents analysis • Unpacking • Decryption • Shellcodes analysis • Exploit analysis • Reversing tips and tricks Lab Manual and VM Part 1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 3 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 4 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 5 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 6 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 7 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 8 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 9 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 10 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. I wish I know, I didn't really check as I only copied the VM disks the way I found them on a website
  5. FireEye - Flare VM Windows Malware Analysis Distribution FLARE VM - a fully customizable, Windows-based security distribution for malware analysis, incident response, penetration testing, etc FLARE VM is a freely available and open sourced Windows-based security distribution designed for reverse engineers, malware analysts, incident responders, forensicators, and penetration testers. Inspired by open-source Linux-based security distributions like Kali Linux, REMnux and others, FLARE VM delivers a fully configured platform with a comprehensive collection of Windows security tools such as debuggers, disassemblers, decompilers, static and dynamic analysis utilities, network analysis and manipulation, web assessment, exploitation, vulnerability assessment applications, and many others. The distribution also includes the FLARE team’s public malware analysis tools such as FLOSS and FakeNet-NG. Download Links Part 1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 3 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 4 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 5 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 6 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 7 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 8 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Google Cloud Machine Learning with TensorFlow O'Reilly Download Links Part 1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] Downloading Instructions from DLUpload for those having issues Keep looking for the Download button in blue on any page you get redirected to
  7. INE – Introduction to Cisco’s SD-WAN Solution INE – Introduction to Cisco’s SD-WAN Solution English | Size: 159.61 MB Category: Cisco | Networking SD-WAN is a substantial technology advancement in the WAN edge. It is more than just a new protocol. It is a smart architecture that uses a centralized orchestrator to intelligently send traffic across the WAN. Thanks to the massive worldwide adoption, SD-WAN became a global billion-dollar business. Traditional WANs are based on legacy protocols that are slow, inflexible, and require individual management. SD-WAN monitors applications and resources at the WAN edge and can adapt to network conditions when they are degraded. In this course you will learn about the roots of SD-WAN: Software Defined Networks; then examine the history of Viptela and how it became Cisco’s SD-WAN. Despite its recent adoption, SD-WAN is growing at a fast speed; however, Cisco is not the only vendor offering it. We will examine how Cisco compares to other vendors and we will review the recent market status of SD-WAN using Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Download Links DLUpload [hide][Hidden Content]] DropGalaxy [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. I have added a new link for those having issues with the first link, btw, the link is clean and I have added some instructions for how to download from the link. good luck
  9. AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Dump (SAA-C01) Latest Update: May 24, 2020 File Type : PDF Download Link DLUpload [hide][Hidden Content]] DropGalaxy [hide][Hidden Content]] Downloading Instructions from DLUpload for those having issues Keep looking for the Download button in blue on any page you get redirected to
  10. A Cloud Guru - Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer (2020) Are you ready to take the next step in your Google Cloud networking career? Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer will help prepare you for the certification exam so you can demonstrate your ability to implement and manage network architectures on Google Cloud Platform. As cloud technology continues to grow, it’s imperative that networking professionals understand how to design, implement and manage networks on the cloud; particularly as it requires a different framework and mindset from networking on traditional on-premises settings. And as the truism goes, “without networking, there is no cloud.” This course will help you achieve the in-demand Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification so you can prove your expertise in designing, planning and implementing successful, performant and cost-effective networking solutions for your company. This course will teach you all the topics covered in the exam blueprint including: Google Global Network Virtual Private Cloud Load Balancing Hybrid Connectivity GKE Networking Organizations IAM roles Monitoring and Logging on GCP Optimizing Cost & Performance The Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification is designed for students with at least 1 year’s hands-on experience with the Google Cloud Platform. You will require some basic enterprise-level network design experience and familiarity with Cloud Shell. Students will need to have a Google Cloud Console account so you can participate in labs and a GitHub account to access code snippets and scripts.o prior coding experience is required, but you will be coding in the course. Keep being awesome, Cloud Gurus! WHAT’S INCLUDED Access to the course Access to the course discussion forums INTENDED AUDIENCE Those interested in passing the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam Technical staff who are familiar with compute/network infrastructure management Consultants who assist companies in migrating workloads to GCP Cloud Members of technical planning teams including security, product management, project management, operations, monitoring, and directors who are migrating to cloud DevOps, Network Engineers, and System Administrators who support workloads or plan to support workloads on GCP PREREQUISITES Access to a GCP account Karlos Knox Howdy, I’m Karlos (yep with a K) from Austin, Texas. Excited to join you on -our journey to become Cloud Gurus. For next few years, I’m on the Google Cloud Platform Learning Path. Currently, hold the Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, and Professional Cloud Network Engineer certifications. Security is next, then Developer, and finally the Data Engineer Certification. Excited to connect and collaborate with Cloud Guru members on their Certification Journey. I believe life is easier with friends. So say Hello! Look forward to learning about your A Cloud Guru story. Keep Being Awesome. Part 1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 2 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. ISBN: 1119092159 | 2015 | EPUB | 480 pages | 12 MB Start a career in networking Cisco Networking Essentials, 2nd Edition provides the latest for those beginning a career in networking. This book provides the fundamentals of networking and leads you through the concepts, processes, and skills you need to master fundamental networking concepts. Thinking of taking the CCENT Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician ICND1 Exam 100-101? This book has you covered! With coverage of important topics and objectives, each chapter outlines main points and provides clear, engaging discussion that will give you a sound understanding of core topics and concepts. End-of-chapter review questions and suggested labs help reinforce what you've learned, and show you where you may need to backtrack and brush up before exam day. Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking products and services, which are used by a majority of the world's companies. This book gives you the skills and understanding you need to administer these networks, for a skillset that will serve you anywhere around the globe. Understand fundamental networking concepts Learn your way around Cisco products and services Gain the skills you need to administer Cisco routers and switches Prepare thoroughly for the CCENT exam If you're interested in becoming in-demand, network administration is the way to go; if you want to develop the skillset every company wants to hire, Cisco Networking Essentials, 2nd Edition gets you started working with the most widespread name in the business. Download Link [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Start from the very basics, all the way to advanced post-exploitation activities Wide coverage of OWASP’s TOP 10 Master Burp Suite In-depth Web application analysis, information gathering and enumeration XSS & SQL Injection Session related vulnerabilities LFI/RFI HTML5 attacks Pentesting Content Management Systems (CMS) Pentesting NoSQL databases and NoSQL-related APIs / NoSQL injections Start from Web Application Attacks and land to Network and Infrastructure Penetration Testing Gives you access to dedicated forums Makes you a proficient professional web application pentester After obtaining the eWPTv1 certification qualifies you for 40 CPE Download Links Part 1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 2 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. If you wish to get the course from any other source, please do so. Good luck!
  14. Course Info For absolute beginners in IT Security Minimal pre-requisites Learn about: Routing, Forwarding, and TCP/IP; Information Gathering; Scanning; Vulnerability Assessments; Buffer Overflows; XSS; SQL Injection; System and Network Attacks; and Basics of Web App Pentesting Learn how to: Analyze Traffic with Wireshark, Exploit Vulnerable Hosts, Move Laterally, Manipulate Traffic, Crack Passwords, and Exfiltrate Data Develop Pentesting tools in C and Python Learn how to use tools like Nmap, Nessus, Hydra, Metasploit, and Burp Suite Preparation for the Penetration Testing Professional (PTP) course Obtaining the eJPT certification qualifies you for 40 CPE Download Links Part 1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Part 2 [hide][Hidden Content]]
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