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  1. Can anyone share valid JN0-347 dumps please?
  2. Can anyone share valid JN0-347 dumps please?
  3. CCDP-Arch-v01-jul-2017_Hesseny2000_.396q.vce cannot be opened due to 'Error retrieving key to decrypt file' received. Can this be sorted out please? CCDP-Arch-v04.6-november-2017_Antoni_.vce opens up correctly. Thanks
  4. yedi77, do you mean questions from v4,5 Antony dump containing 76Q were observed only while the rest from yours yedi_V1.3 dump containing 393Q did not came into light?
  5. I mean only two answers available for it.QUESTION 308 Which two statements about 802.1X are true? (Choose three) A. It is cisco standard B. It can allow and deny port access based on device identity C. It works only with wired devices D. It can allow and deny port access based on user identity Correct Answer: BD Do NOT use red color text. It is reserved for moderators.
  6. Q308 observed at exam cannot then have three true response options
  7. Currently this pdf is being used by me to prepare. Besides this would be nice to have pdf re-coded to vce.
  8. Can anyone combine CCDP-Arch-v04.5-november-2017_Antoni_.vce version with CCDP_Arch_300-320_Exam_by_yedi_V1.3.pdf to have almost full .vce exam please?
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