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  1. here you go man. take my welcome back gift. [Hidden Content]
  2. here you go man. take my welcome back gift. [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello dear certcollection members, I'm back after soooooo loooonnngggggg looooooonnnnggg time..!!!!! after 3 years I think. I remember, I just closed my account after certcollection goes down at that time. ( CERTCOLLECTION-BASE WAS HOT TOPIC AT THAT TIME ) I just recently logged in today to see certcollection community and just want to share some courses of AZURE AZ-900, and AZ-301. Important Note : Please download as fast as you can. I'll not take any guarantee for stability of this resources that I shared. Please SEED.So, others can download it. So, without any wasting time, here you go. [Hidden Content]
  4. Here You Go...!!!!! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Sorry All, I Just Opened CC After Long Time ( Bcs. Of Down Time & My Clg. Final Exams )..!!! I Got This From My Friend Who Enrolled Into This Course Via Facebook & Give Me This Materials. So, I Wonder To Share It Into Our Group. I Really Don't Know This Has Been Already Shared..!!! I Didn't Check It. I Just Loged In Into This Forum and Posted It Instantly..!!!! I Don't Want any Useless Thanks. So, Please Stop This Sarcasms That I Want Thanks. Even This Link Is Dead, And I Re-Upload It Again With Different Name So, MEGA Can't Catch " File HASH ". Thanks.
  6. 2.23 GB. Yes, I Think It's a Naming Issue..!!!] All & Only Videos. I'll Change It And Re-Upload It. Wait For Few Days. Bcs. Of Poor Internet Connection. Only 100kbps
  7. No Bro. It's Not An Aprilful Prank..!!! I Uploaded It. But, Don't Know Why It's Down..!!! Infect, I Don't Deleted Anything..!!! Just Gonna Upload It To Other Cloud Solution..!!! But, I Need Some Time..!!! Poor Internet Connection..!!!
  8. Sorry, Guys For Broken Links. Wait For Some Days. I'll Upload It On Other Cloud Service..!!!! I Don't Deleted It. Don't Know Some How It's Down..!!! Copyright OR Something Other Issue..!!!! It's Not a Joke It's a Real..!!! So, Please Don't Think Like Phish..!!!
  9. Since 2014, We are Waiting For This Great DAY..!!! Now, Waiting Is Over..!!!! Grab It Fast..!!! ( Link Will Be Down After 10hr ) ( Just Clone Into Your Account & Upload It On Other Cloud Service ) DEAD LINK [hide][Hidden Content]] Working one, [Hidden Content]
  10. heay arun1337, Link Is Not Working Re-Uload Please..!!!! Did you see their videos..??? How they are..??? Short or long..??? Only Theory or Practical..???
  11. Error While Extracting a File Even When Entered Correct Password.
  12. Why No One Share This eLearnSecurity Courses..??? I Need For Replacement...!!!!! If Anyone Intrest then ping me.
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