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  1. there is nothing in this course. I've got this course a week ago and it's completely crap..!!!! believe or not, tutorials on youtube has a great content then this crap.
  2. Hello guys, here is the latest Malware Analysis Course from 0verfl0w. make copies as soon as possible and re-share it for the community. link might be goes down. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. yes, it's from v1 and I assume that eLearnSecurity provided this by defaults as we've seen in many courses of eLearnSecurity. BTW, enjoy this great leak. PDF's are enough to do own labs and replicate things. ( this is what videos does. ) So, learn it by doing.
  4. Hi all, please can anyone share malware analysis courses from FireEye..? this includes, Essentials of Malware Analysis Malware Analysis Crash Course Malware Analysis Master Course
  5. here you go..!!!! not CIR. thanks to original uploader. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. here you go man. take my welcome back gift. [Hidden Content]
  7. here you go man. take my welcome back gift. [Hidden Content]
  8. Hello dear certcollection members, I'm back after soooooo loooonnngggggg looooooonnnnggg time..!!!!! after 3 years I think. I remember, I just closed my account after certcollection goes down at that time. ( CERTCOLLECTION-BASE WAS HOT TOPIC AT THAT TIME ) I just recently logged in today to see certcollection community and just want to share some courses of AZURE AZ-900, and AZ-301. Important Note : Please download as fast as you can. I'll not take any guarantee for stability of this resources that I shared. Please SEED.So, others can download it. So, without any wasting time, here you go. [Hidden Content]
  9. Here You Go...!!!!! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Sorry All, I Just Opened CC After Long Time ( Bcs. Of Down Time & My Clg. Final Exams )..!!! I Got This From My Friend Who Enrolled Into This Course Via Facebook & Give Me This Materials. So, I Wonder To Share It Into Our Group. I Really Don't Know This Has Been Already Shared..!!! I Didn't Check It. I Just Loged In Into This Forum and Posted It Instantly..!!!! I Don't Want any Useless Thanks. So, Please Stop This Sarcasms That I Want Thanks. Even This Link Is Dead, And I Re-Upload It Again With Different Name So, MEGA Can't Catch " File HASH ". Thanks.
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