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  1. This two have the same content * SCADA Security Analyst * SCADA Security Architect CSSA
  2. LInk dead... please re-upload.
  3. I tested this one: [Hidden Content] trusted
  4. Hi. Does anybody can share this material please? VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization 2020 (VCP-DCV 2020)
  5. [Hidden Content] With the advent of strong PowerShell security features, at one point, the team made a conscious decision to "diversify our offensive portfolio" which, at the time, was comprised of, predominantly, PowerShell code. Focusing our efforts on rebuilding much of our tooling in .NET was a natural option as we were already comfortable utilizing .NET classes based on our collective PowerShell knowledge, the relative ease with which C# code was developed, and considering a general lack of security optics within the CLR (at the time).
  6. Nope, but I have other study materials for Ansible and EX294. I'll like to have similar questions to practice.
  7. Hi folks... Did anyone passes the EX294 RHEL 8 exam? If so, could you share your experience and the type of questions in the exam? Best regards.
  8. Please, someone reupload it
  9. Sorry about that... and thanks for the info
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