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  1. Hello guys, anyone of you can share the dumps for the exam HP0-m44 (SiteScop) ? Thanks in advance
  2. The link is not dead, you have to click "Skip AD" in the upper right corner (wait 5 seconds to botton appear).
  3. start new project and get suggestion from vmware guys, is well-recommend to build a isolated environment as follow: 1. dedicated vcenter and hosts ESXi 2. on dedicated vSphere are presents vDesktops and Composer 3. View Connection and dhcp should be on different vCenter with own VLANs.
  4. Hi, probably you have reason ... you know that vmw today is market leader and direct the customer choice, seems that after the datacenter the future will be the desktops' virtualization. We can agree or disagree, such vmware's partner we must be ready to start this new challenge. I'd like to read the "Delusion" where can I get it ?
  5. great idea, is possible we could create different section about vertical arguments like vsphere, View, Operations and so on. I opened a thread into technical section about View.
  6. Michael, you can download without be a premium user but it's slow and you must wait one hour between downloads
  7. no one is interested to open a discussion about VDI ? Talking with vmware's personnel seems that will be the next step after the datacenter virtualization. VMware expects that the VDI will have a big expansion starting from this year.
  8. hello, anyone has just deployed 2012 into production ? If yes which problem or benefit did you met ?
  9. hello guys, wht is for you opinion and experience the first step to learn vbscripting ?
  10. hello, I got Itil v3 foundation three years ago, is any update for the certification or it is still valid ?
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