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  1. sallywally and Deathdodger are awesome thanks, keep sharin
  2. Whatever content i had is shared to Mega Get it. My 46GB torrent is stucked at 21-22%, rest of torrents + other content what i had is uploaded to mega below is link get it. »»»» F5 Networks 23GB «««« [Hidden Content]
  3. google drive links are there, why torrent ? KB CCIE sec v5 [Hidden Content]
  4. whats wrong brother, this forum is good platform for every one, no telegram group single handedly handle what certcollection do, so there is nothing to compare bro. live and let live. we must stop judging and concluding things which we have no idea of, like you judged members on *leanflayks*, i am also on *leanflayks* and i follow their rules and certcollection rules. Rules apply to each platform are with goals and objective. That cant be same for all platform like you are expecting. Just Enjoy all platform and keep it simple. Peace.
  5. yes best if over mega but 46GB is not yet movig ahead of 22% so what to upload on mega then ? rest 4torrents content anyway i am uploading on mega and will share here.
  6. any torrent expert share some insight how we can get this 46GB torrent to complete 100% ??? i know the real seeder must be active any how, but rest of torrents did complete 100% without any real seeder.
  7. @ to all i request whatever you got of F5 aalready, upload on mega, i will also share my collection on Mega. I already got and managed to download so much of premium stuff, will urely upload on mega and share link for you guys. but rest of also share. i will share content below
  8. about [46GB torrent] i request all to be patient, the torrent is somehow become healthy, we dont know, who will complete the download, current status is, mine is 17% download till now, with maximum 1MBps speed, and Upload is going till 2MBps, i can see in peers, others had already crossed 20% Lets hope we succeed completing this all torrents . instead relying on others that they will upload, i request to all keep alive torrent even if you are not getting speed, try end process the torrent client and log out windows and login then resume torrent again. This is been working for me. try it for 2-3times, dont waste much time on this. But it did work to me. lets see tomorrow how much it completes. 46GB F5 Training Bundle Content Screenshot below:--- Update: Keep watch on the COntent Tap of Torrent specially 46GB, Availability column is showing now 22%, i had not observed it before, will note here, and will update later. Similarly in other torrent, i seen the availability increase in %. So +ve hopes are there to complete. Keep the torrent active, humble request to everyone. If i or anyone here who succeed complete 100% that will be because all of us. so those who will succeed getting 100% will surely upload it to mega including me. Update2: good news, i saw in peers someone with 99.x% completed progress of 46GB torrent, i even saw contrent availability was showing 100%, but it was for few seconds. i hope he must be original seeder, but he must have 100% then.
  9. add this trackers, and update the list. by right click > force reannounce all trackers trackers list.txt
  10. i searched so much for F5 network training. but mostly got nothing but route-hun and CBT nuggets, this only two trainings and few PDF. but i just got few torrents which had almost most of premium content which is being sold on telegram as VIP content. below are magnet links, 2-3 yet dont have seeders, but i hope it will be healthy soon. F5 Networks Torrent Magnet Links [hide][Hidden Content]] OR Uploaded to Mega here #F5 Networks 23GB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Use this trackers list to add into tracker and reannounce all trackers. trackers list april2020.txt
  12. google drive link below [Hidden Content] [Thursday, October 15th 2020] link removed, as is not available anymore
  13. [hide][Hidden Content]] oneddrive link, someone upload it to mega for others
  14. i am downloading it through mega, but i forgot from where i got the link, now i dont have link but its downloading. someone if know how to get link let me know. i will post here anyways got it: [Hidden Content]
  15. to all asking for reup here it is [Hidden Content]
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