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  1. PLZ, share the course if you have it.
  2. Dear Guys, We are going to die because of CORONA VIRUS, Don't you want to share Corelan? It's my last wish.
  3. @NooBToBe do you have corelan, you supposed to have them as i remember.
  4. 19000 USD is price of a house in IRAN. definitely the VIP price is wrong.
  5. I saw one my friend have these course, when asking him about share, he strongly denies
  6. Thanks Bro, I have a question, do you have sans DEV 541 and DEV 544??
  7. Thanks Bro for this sharing, DO you have Corelan Exploit Dev Course. only this course left.
  8. Hi all, Need this course, if someone has this course plz share as new year gift to all of us.
  9. Reverse Engineering Linux 32-bit Applications & Win32 Applications is not in the mega links.
  10. i bought wapt and waptx from elearnsecurity, so as long as someone share corelan exploit development and Pentester Academy's Reverse Engineering Linux 32-bit Applications & Win32 Applications i will share both of them.
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