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  1. Hi, first of all, you are right, the timer is 180 Sec to wait for all SIA messages. Second, the neighborship will not go down, but will reset, which means, you loose all routes and have to learn them again (nothing to do with the hellos. But if the router is to busy to answer the SIA message (high cpu or congested link), then the hellos might be impacted too, even though that should never happen). The way to prevent or minimize this kind of situation are stub areas.
  2. Never seen something like RITA for PMP. I'm also interested.
  3. Had the same problem and VCE+ seems to be the best option, even though BlueStack is not my favourite environment...
  4. johnnykrk

    Ccnp r&s help

    In GNS3 almost all Labs can be reproduced. There are courses, where you can work in the Cisco Labs, but i have not seen a complete rebuild of them in GNS. There was an attempt to reqroduce that in an EVE machine, but i'm not sure if that project finished.
  5. To be honest, the R&S path ist the one where you can find the most information about.
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