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  1. not all of them, but some questions were the same as junos genius
  2. i took it recently and passed. there are available free videos and voucher from juniper on junos genius website. also , if you search the website here you will find the old course PDF, it's valid study material though
  3. For GB visit the Group Buy section. Strictly NO GB related discussions / initiations under this thread. All GB related comments have been removed. Any such posts will be removed without any comments and the member doing so will face stringent action taken against him/her which includes a warning point and disabled posting power. To start a GB, go to the Group Buy section, read the pinned GB rules topic, create a new GB topic and wait for approval.
  4. unfortunately no. can we do a group buy and get it from Juniper ?
  5. Hello Everyone, this is the JNCIE-DC InetZero Workbook V1.0 with Configuration : [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. hello , please send me details regarding a JNCIP [400$] voucher .
  7. hello , please send me details regarding a JNCIP [400$] voucher .
  8. Hello mp9750, please inbox me your email or skype id.
  9. Yes , this is the same questions i had in 2017 but with minor changes. i believe it's still valid.
  10. @JuniperGuy1 can you share the files ? please inbox me
  11. Hello Everyone, below is the JNCIE-SP Lab exam topology and proposed solution. i am not sure if this one is outdated or not , but i believe it's still valid ( maybe with some changes ). [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Hello, Can anyone share InetZero JNCIE-DC material ? even if it's an old one ?
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