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  1. this subject is about martial study not exam dumps.
  2. i found this topic here , forget about that . Security Zero to Hero Thanks !
  3. Nope in general i mean any recommended vendor who cover the topics .
  4. Guys , I'm starting my journey towards the CCIE Sec v6.0 , would love to know who you got the best resources for secuirty V6.0 from zero to hero ( from learning prescriptive ) beside cisco documents / cisco lives / etc..
  5. Please add me in the study group
  6. Wonder if people get added or not
  7. CCIEH355

    Jumbo MTU

    least denominator MTU value between 5K and 7K , any idea?
  8. Please get me there , I'm in
  9. you can get them in the exam
  10. Please add me in the group
  11. CCIEH355

    Second attempt

    9/10 you will get different things
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