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  1. I want to get this cisco certification 642-374 Can somebody guide me to good study book and/or material? Thanks
  2. No Cisco removed the Open Ended Questions for Routing and Switching lab since last May.
  3. I have checked the solution it doesn't have any 3003 vlan. Maybe they had a mistake in solution and fixed it in a later revision.
  4. R1---R2---R3 R2 receives summary + from R1 through leak-map with an AD = 90 R2 receives from R3 with AD = 110 R2 will prefer R1 since its AD is higher. Now suppose that you didn't have the leak-map. You will only get a summary of from R1. In this case R2 will prefer R3 to go to since it is the longer prefix. To make it prefer R1, configure a leak-map with the summary.
  5. Since you mentioned CBWFQ and not LLQ then you should be using bandwidth instead of priority.
  6. I'm interested. Plz PM me your phone number.
  7. i3isking

    clock not sync

    You are issuing your verification commands on the server R1. You should be trying those on the clients to see if they have synchronized with R1.
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