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  1. Greetings, have a brother some experience with developing on azure and with the Cert ? did someone pass it in the last half year and could share some facts are the case studies available ? Can we open a study group for this content. Thanks for help :yo:
  2. Hey there, i search the PDF´s from Lead2Pass or similar. 70-534 //166 questions 70-532 70-346 70-347 Can one support me THX
  3. The Test will be retired on 11.08.2015 and replaced with 401 you have only 8 days for now to upgrade your A16 after that point you must run though the whole new path 201 / 301 / 401 too bad BR Bookworm
  4. In my mind it depends on the usecase of your environement. Both are great and i know both. If you need only a loadbalancer go for F5 if you have more usecases with an citrix environment (XD, XA, Application Firewall, Access from Intranet.... ) go for netscaler BR
  5. he brother can you Change the layout and write in english perhaps we can help
  6. in the dump the scenario is missing only question over 200 i make the beat test the dumps has nothing to do with the exam can a brother go in detail please @ BB666 if you would open an learning group i go with you i have to upgrade my ccia
  7. some URLS [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] In my words: User send Credits Storefront --> DDC DDC--> AD-->Authoristation DDC-->DB--> DG User order XD (click in ST on the displayed Maschine ) DDC--> ST--> Session ICA File from ST send to User with Information about assign XD-machine Receiver-->connect via ICA VDA on XD Maschine checks License DDC validate LIc and Ticket GPO and Policies scripts and Printers are assigned Launch XD XD Desktop ST Storefront DDC Controller DB :-) AD Active Directory I hope it helps
  8. here brother is all you need [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. greetings to all vmware friends, i search a paper how powerfull is the webapi for esxi 5.X i have some usecase: is it possbile to find out which hardware is use from the storage server is it possible to read the storage is it possible what hardware is used for the hypervisor and so perhaps a brother have a white paper many thanks
  10. i make the beta test i write what i remember its simelar to A16 you get an business case and must upgrade to the new technologie. ( its not the same case study its new ) very important is netscaler and database knowlegue i hope it helps
  11. i think i don help thins now :-) albertwt but by the way i need it too
  12. resources are no longer online cause of changes in VPX appliance
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