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  1. extract on linux And the videos are just the solutions of the challenges, it is not supposed to have audio
  2. Hi, I found this link, have fun: [Hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Really nice collection, thank you for that . Would you kindly tell me what is in the sans 2017 pdf collection? it is like 10 GB of pdf?
  4. <p>Thank you. I found some more. Maybe interesting, tut4dl has a lote.</p> Premium links, not mine. Only posting here because ninjaishere will be kind and share mega links with us. Pentester Academy – VoIP Traffic Analysis [Hidden Content]
  5. sorry i found it this way only. They are not my links. will do better next time
  6. Thank you but it is PTP not PTX right?
  7. Sans 502 vids reupload please. Can't we create a torrent for these stuff?
  8. Windows API Exploitation Recipes: Processes, Tokens and Memory RW and Reconnaissance for Red-Blue Teams would be ice if you have time. Reconnaissance is like linux rootkit, ongoing so if you can please update them. Thank you for your time
  9. Hi, eLearn Security PTX is a really good course that lot of people wish to have. If you happen to hav it then please share with the community.
  10. No no mega. Why? almost every 2 post is Please reup please. Mega is only up for few h
  11. Why the hell do we use mega? every second post is REUPLOAD PLEASE
  12. [Hidden Content] pentester academy stuff
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