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  1. Hi just use any ad blocker , adblock plus adblockplus.org or adguard adguard.com or what you prefers.
  2. Hello all members Sorry nowadays i don't have space in laptop i put the courses in USB-HDD ,so i can't make another 1 compressed file ,if anyone can make it please share link(s) with us to put in first post . Many thanks AndoJohnson for your hint I assumed the upload completed 100% , but as some people says accident happens upload parts : 64 and 150 = done Kind regards
  3. Peace upon all of you Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), 3/e by Sander van Vugt Publisher: Pearson IT Certification Release Date: May 2019 ISBN: 9780135656495 16+ Hours of Video Instruction More info : [url="[Hidden Content]] Option 1 : download reduced size 3.17 GB from Mediafire [hide] [Hidden Content]] info about M4V : [url="[Hidden Content]] Option 2 : download 50.1 GB , then after extract the result 50.6GB-file.iso then extract again . Many thanks for member bvn63 [hide][Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content]] Kind regards
  4. Peace upon all of you Project management certifications : there are PMP USA - Prince2 UK - IPMA Europe [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] More info : [Hidden Content] Title: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2. Author(s): AXELOS Publisher: The Stationery Office Ltd Year: 2017 Language: English Pages (biblio\tech): 430\829 ISBN: 9780113315345, 0113315341 [Hidden Content] Kind regards
  5. Peace upon all of you [Hidden Content] Book info : Title: ITIL Foundation 4 edition Author(s): Axelos Series: ITIL Publisher: Axelos Year: 2019 Pages (biblio ech): 260\260 Language: English [hide][Hidden Content]] Kind regards
  6. Sorry Mega became delete/drop content quickly , supposed all members first import to their account ie take copy before start download. Mediafire do not delete the content , fast ,support resume and parallel download ... etc. Assuming you want download all content not one by one , to save your time use any program can download directly from Mediafire , i know and use FRD ,anyone know another useful program please share your info. [Hidden Content] but first you must have Java [Hidden Content] Kind regards
  7. TCP/IP Fundamentals LiveLessons By Michael J Shannon Published Dec 27, 2018 by Cisco Press. More info : [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] Option 1 : download reduced size 2.27 GB without password from Mediafire [Hidden Content] Kind regards
  8. Hello Please read carefully : IT Certification Forum → CERTIFICATION - - - - - NO REQUESTS IN THESE FORUMS - - - - - → PROJECT MANAGEMENT search and ask in : IT Certification Forum → TRAINING OFFERS & REQUESTS → OTHER SHARES → PROJECT MANAGEMENT / ITIL SHARES
  9. Hello , take a look [Hidden Content] Search for books [Hidden Content] Kind regards
  10. Here you go ,just searched in my USB HDD then re-upload ,many thanks for the original uploader danifunker . [Hidden Content] The 000README file in that directory contains deployment instructions and other considerations. kind regards
  11. Link is Unavailable , please re-upload again @ any good file hosting server keep links more than 48 hours . Thanks
  12. please remember use hide ,eslam2012 please edit your post and hide Link/URL
  13. Hello all Juniper Training Total size:4.23 GB Contains:2 folders and 39 files [hide][Hidden Content]] Please import in your mega account before start download
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