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  1. Sadly My exam cancelled as well just like others.
  2. why would you schedule at a test center when you have online option available?
  3. yes but with different pearson account/email.
  4. you have to use both vouchers for the same exam, to book second exam with same voucher you have to use a different account/email and same name.
  5. Paloalto 8.1.0 login not working as admin/admin
  6. yes i will share later in a new post, it was in my old mobile. i hope they are still there
  7. Here it is [Hidden Content] register, complete the course by clicking next next. at the end of the modules there will be exam just finish them with failing and then pass the final exam and you will get a voucher in email.
  8. so you are into free stuff Yes JNCIA-Devops was free like a month ago, you can check it on official website.
  9. I have not gone through yet fully, but seems correct.
  10. My exam is on 12th May, however i will use the following dumps. Palo-Alto-Networks.Premium.PCNSE.by.VCEplus.163q.pdf
  11. You can get 100% free voucher, check this
  12. Hi All, [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] How to schedule exam and get certified with 100% free cert (PCNSE COST USD 160): 1. Click link above 2. Sign in ( if u don’t have account, please register first) 3. Select which exam u want to schedule (pccsa, pcnsa, or pcnse) 4. At the check out, please apply above code in the order given, 1st and 2nd, one after another. After apply 1st code, u get 50% off, after apply 2nd code u will get another 50% off, so total 100% off. Enjoy! [Update] Pearson vue has fixed the workaround, so now only 50% discount will be provided.
  13. Hello members, I need HCIE - R&S written H31-161 Carrier IP Dumps, my exam is on 16th OCT, please help. Thanks
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