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  1. Hi, Anyone with a Juniper support account able to download these please ?
  2. Hi all, Could anyone share the latest image for the 3560X series ? c3560e-universalk9-tar.152-4.E10.tar [Hidden Content] Thanks,
  3. Hi guys, Could anyone with a support account share some Junos software for SRX300. Latest 20.1R1 would be great but anything 19 as well. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I came across an old Cisco ESW540 switch and it's running 2.0.3 firmware. Any chance someone has some newer firmware on had like esw540-k9-2121.ros or esw540-k9-2116.ros. Not available to download from Cisco anymore Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade an SRE 710 running WAAS 5.3.5 Could anyone please share these below : waas-sre-installer- [Hidden Content] waas-sre-installer- [Hidden Content] WAAS-sre-installer-6.2.3c.63-k9.zip [Hidden Content] Thanks
  6. Hi, Can anyone share these please : AIR-AP1830-K9-8-8-125-0.tar AIR-AP1830-K9-8-9-111-0.tar Thanks
  7. Hi root0, Could you please share the files in this release for 1830 series ? [Hidden Content]
  8. Hi root0, Could you please share the latest files for the 1832 ... 8-9-100 [Hidden Content]
  9. Hi Simon, Any chance you could re-up this one please ?
  10. Thanks for the info. Now if someone could share the 2951 Cimce file it would be awesome.
  11. Hi guys, Could anyone share the files for an SRE 710 in a 2951. sre-v-k9.SPA.smv.2.0.2.zip C2951-cimce-k9.vsep.1.0.2.tar.gz Thanks
  12. Hi, Could you please share the latest for 1832. [Hidden Content] AIR-AP1830-K9-ME-8-8-120-0.zip
  13. Hi, The link is dead on this one. Any chance someone could re-up this on Mega ? Thanks
  14. Hi all, Can someone please share this IOS image : c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.158-3.M1.bin Thanks
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