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  1. If I had the videos missing, I would upload them.
  2. I am sure folders doesn't include missing videos. Don't waste your time friend
  3. Thank you so much noobotron I download this torrent with my debrid account and debrid firm upload to Uptobox with parts. I want but can't upload mega or something like that, cause my upload speed is 0.1Mbps Links are : [Hidden Content]
  4. Basic : [hide][Hidden Content]] Not lncluded [DC0003,DC0004,DC0009,DC0010,DC0019,DC0021] Advanced : [hide][Hidden Content]] Not lncluded [DC0026,DC0030,DC0031,DC0032,DC0033,DC0034]
  5. Eve-Ng working on Linux. When you start eve-ng in same time you have to hold down the Shift key during bootup. Than you can use instructures for ubuntu (or linux) root password recovery process for your eve-ng. I can't write all process cause i have a little time. But i hope you can recover it with this steps.
  6. This is exam engine. Just Install and solve. Includes 720 test questions, answers, and explanations. Dump Software Link : [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. I have only 100-105 course files (ppt's converted pdf) If someone upload 200-105 course files, thats will be great. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Mega link : [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Hi Friends, Files seperated by sections (routing,security,wireless etc.). Sd-wan videos beginning RS0136 code but archive not include this videos (last video's code is RS0112).So I have download 20 parts and there are no sd-wan videos :/ If i see sdwan videos i will edit here. Routing sections last .rar's image: [Hidden Content]
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