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  1. Hello, Do you have "CCIE SP v4.1 - Workbook" - a part of "CCIE Service Provider Ultimate Study Bundle" - [Hidden Content] ?
  2. You can use any download tool to download/get all WLC (Basic and Advanced) Videos on their website at [Hidden Content]
  3. Folks, please share the ACI missing videos. Thanks!
  4. This is shared by MrTadge: [hide][Hidden Content]] Download the share as quickly as you can
  5. This Gdrive link has only SD-WAN Video Bundle, not ACI. Please help us upload the ACI missing videos.
  6. This Gdrive link has only SD-WAN Video Bundle, not ACI. Please help us upload the ACI missing videos.
  7. Why didn't you put the name of the book in the post title?
  8. The post is misleading ... . Please correct it!
  9. Have you checked the password parameter in cloud-init user-data File?
  10. You can watch those videos for free on their website. If you would like to download them, just use different Video Downloader tools available on the Internet.
  11. Abstract: This hands-on Advanced IPv6 lab goes into the details of IPv6 Routing and Services covering link state protocols (OSPFv3 & ISISv6) and Exterior gateway protocol (BGPv6) in depth and MPLS features such as 6PE & 6VPE and IPv6 Basic multicasting. Students will be provided a scenario with IPv4 addressing & routing pre-configured where they will find lots of opportunities to study and analyze the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 routing side by side. Students will also learn different methods of configuring BGP peering using link local, global as well as IPv6 in IPv4 peering and IPv4 in IPv6 peering & BGP route reflector model in IPv6. The lab also provide interesting scenarios with MPLS 6PE as well as MPLS 6VPE in dual stack environment. There is also an IPv6 multicast lab at the end with basic IPv6 multicasting with static and embedded RP. All the labs will be independent of each other giving students an opportunity to pick and choose among these 6 labs and spend more time on one technology or do all the labs. Students MUST have a basic understanding of IPv6 Addressing, MPLS and Routing Protocols and familiarity with Cisco IOS. Agenda: OSPFv3 Lab ISISv6 Lab BGPv6 Lab 6PE Lab 6VPE Lab IPv6 Multicast Lab [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. IPv6 Transformation Lab - LTRIPV-2494 IPv4 space is exhausted so the content providers, service providers and enterprises customers are on the brink of losing potential business opportunity due to this limitations. Adapting to IPv6 and offering services using IPv6 is the intuitive solution available in the market for the potential business growth. This session will explain how to design/build IPv6 infrastructure and offers hands-on lab for the same. Lab Guide: [hide][Hidden Content]] Session Presentation: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. The Official Cert Guide CCNP and CCIE Collaboration Core CLCOR 350-801 would be out in April 2020.
  14. Hello sk4tto, Could you please share/upload the PDF files for the other three courses? Thanks!
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