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  1. Thank you azesazespp great share
  2. Hi azesazespp Can I piggy back on the request? Can you please get me these guides below? I am learning arista and want to see real world designs. Campus WLAN Design and Deployment Guide EVPN Deployment Guide Arista Universal Cloud Network for Campus Design Guide Arista CloudVision Portal (CVP) for Day 2 Network Operations Design Guide Layer 2 Leaf & Spine Design and Deployment Guide HP Converged Architecture with Arista Thank you
  3. Hi Deathdodger Thx for the share, if you have time can you also pull this new series from Pentesting series from INE. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Thank you
  4. Hi Guys/Gals Someone i know wrote this exam and they report only 10.to 15 questions came from this dump. So be careful.
  5. Hi Everyone Does anyone have access to this [Hidden Content]
  6. @Deathdodger You have to login and search for Nornir, then look at the skills section and the course will show up.
  7. HI justskidleaner Thanks for the upload but can you check there are quit a few missing videos Thank you
  8. Guys and Gals What is the difference? every forum, private board has its own rules, how is this guy any different? Or am i missing something?
  9. Hi jacky223 The second link on this share does not work also
  10. Hi Jacky223 Thanks for the share but the second link does not work. Can u check.
  11. I just tested them, they seem to work
  12. Hi Everyone This site has links to a Micronics CCNA DC bootcamp, can someone download and share with everyone? [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  13. Hi, Does any one have a way to download these links and provide to the community? These links are 12gig where as the ones on the forum are 7gig. Lets hope this one is the full version. [Hidden Content]
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