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  1. I created qcow2 with several checkpoint isos. There is same problem Smart console is not connecting to Smart manager. It is not related to Smart Console then. I practiced on Vm and had issue with Smart Console on R77.30 so I downloaded Smartconsole from the website, thought that might be your problem but it isn't. Take working qcow2 image or don't waste time then.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I used previous one which was expired, same as yours and on VMware R77.30 has issues so have to separately download the console. I thought that might be the issue. I tried it but it is not working. Checkpoint website says something to do with space. Have you tried creating your own Qcow2 or you grabbed image from here?
  3. Then you will need evaluation license!! I am talking about images like the one you used.
  4. You need first configuration wizard or it will be expired mostly! [Hidden Content]
  5. ok then you should try my solution first. Try it on your R77.30 hda.qcow2, I was about to delete it. SmartConsole is problem on that one so you need that Check_Point_SmartConsole_and_SmartDomain_Manager_R77.30_T204_Windows.exe Try with the separate Smart Console. It will work. The WebUI smart console exe file for R77.30 will not work. Stop wasting your time on random images. First try this solution already. [Hidden Content] You are jumping from one thing to other without giving it a thought. I am sure about the SmartConsole issue.
  6. I have not tried getting evaluation license. But you can give it a try. I need some hda.qcow2 which doesn't have anything installed. Just GAiA [Hidden Content]
  7. Then everything is fine. I should not have downloaded your image. Did you get First configuration wizard? There is GAiA and then you install either Management server or Gateway or Standalone over it. You said you had Gateway & Management server separate so I was thinking you finished First configuration wizard & installed from scratch.
  8. Remove previous installations of Smart Console for R77.30. And do fresh install with that one
  9. Thanks for the image. Is it working after you install Smart Console Check_Point_SmartConsole_and_SmartDomain_Manager_R77.30_T204_Windows.exe?
  10. Don't download SmartConsole exe file from WebUI, that has bug for R77.30 release. You need this Check_Point_SmartConsole_and_SmartDomain_Manager_R77.30_T204_Windows.exe [Hidden Content] If that is not issue then see this. But check Smart Console installed with that above link first [Hidden Content]
  11. you don't have link? You can HTTPS, PING the Smart Center? Try uninstalling the SmartConsole completely. Install again using your exe file. Are you still getting the errors. Post screenshot of the error that you get while installing (that C++ issue you have already resolved, but just to be sure if there is something left)
  12. I need it so I asked. Someone gave me expired one with standalone installation. I can try it right now if you want me to? There is issue with some version which I don't remember right now, I had to download SmartConsole from checkpoint's website. Can you at least tell the GAiA release that you are running
  13. Were you able to correctly install Smart Dashboard? Which version of GAiA are you running? In some version there is problem. If you download it from web-ui & install it, it doesn't work. There is a link on checkpoint's website.
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