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  1. Was you able to finish lab ?? You got scores or met minium requirements?
  2. Thanks for suggestion I will give a try
  3. Hi please pm me if anyone wants to do group study and wants to share his server we will split the cost.
  4. Please add me in group i am attempting soon
  5. please add me in group i will be attempting soon and let me know how you guys are practicing I found rack rentals costly.
  6. which is good vendor for rack rental cloudmylab or ccierackrentals or anyone else as i found only this 2
  7. i hope soon we want 1 cfg 1dig and 1 ts again
  8. please add me in skype group where people discuss. i failed 2 times
  9. Hello just back on track after long time failed 2nd time sent request on skype to people who inboxed.
  10. please send your skype names in pm.
  11. hello friends, i am manish. i have recently attempted lab exam but unfortunately i was not able to pass. when i started looking about where i went wrong i realized that i was lacking in updates and help while preparing. and by the word help i not only mean the technical help but also the help which we takers need and emotinally. so i would llke that more and more of you people who are going to attempt for ccie security lab exam to join the group so that we all could help each other and attain success. in the group we will discuss various problems discuss about new updates. and help one another to troubleshoot problem while we practice on eve or homelab or rack rental etc. it is my kind request to please show support for this intiative. thanks
  12. hye i am unable to send you pm. can you please add me.
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