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  1. congrats buddy is this your 1st attempt ??
  2. Hi guys, please check the below DIAG questions and answers as some vendors have wrong answers. [Hidden Content] Best wishes,
  3. Hello Guys, Just to tell you that a new config has come up with a totally new topology. It seems that this lab will be changed always. This is the 3rd topology in v4.1 A new TS has come up, but if you're a service provider expert, you can solve it. I mean SP expert for all technologies [ inter-AS , CSC , multicast etc...] if not, you'll not even solve 1 ticket this v4.1 is more difficult than v4 and more & more difficult than v3 as well. so take care to the must. Best wishes,
  4. congrats buddy, you catch the old config part before the change :D
  5. Hello Mohdes, I am planning to take it next June, please add me
  6. I am interested as well please PM
  7. please re upload the files again
  8. Dears, Please send me these books in pdf format if you have them. In addition, INE Videos as well. 1. Definitive MPLS Network Design 2. CCDE Study Guide 3. Optimal Routing Design 4. Network Mergers and migrations 5. CCDP Arch 4th edition Regdards,
  9. Hero4RS

    CCDE Study Grp

    Hi MSSK Please add as well
  10. Hero4RS

    CCDE Study Grp

    please add me to this group
  11. Hero4RS

    CCDE Study Group

    Hello dears, I wanna start my CCDE journey. I am CCDE wirtten certified and wanna prepare for the lab. Is there any GB already setup please PM
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