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  1. FortiWeb course is included in NSE 6 folder. I uploaded the wrong PDF, FortiManager will be up soon. I'll see what I can do about the others
  2. I'll probably post it anyway in a few days but would really appreciate if anyone has a copy of the VM.
  3. I also have the AlienVault AUSE training I can share if somebody would be kind enough to share the newer (2016+) SANS 542 VM with me
  4. Here's the course PDFs for the newest version of the NSE programs. [Hidden Content]
  5. Would anyone happen to have 2016 or newer PDFs and/or MP3s for this course? I've only seen the VM in the forums so far.
  6. For those wondering, this is just the trial version, which means it has a LOT of tells and features disabled. I tested the 3.7 version and yes it's cracked and won't expire, tested in a virtual environment and works as expected. However, it appears a Bind shell may be embedded in the software as it opens port 68 for any address. Do your own testing before using.
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