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  1. Anyone have a standard or enterprise key they can share for lab purposes?
  2. The controllers are deployed from the manager, probably best to read up and watch videos on NSX deployment.
  3. For what its worth, I have put no key in my system for SRM and its still running just fine.
  4. I have been running SRM 8.1 in my lab for months without ever entering a key.
  5. Dot Hill works, I tried it.
  6. [Hidden Content] Has all the keys you want.
  7. The VRNI Key works, I just tested it.
  8. What about keys for Network Insight also?
  9. There is one floating around here. Just look for it.
  10. Yeah they add 1 or 2 questions every now and then. A friend just took it, he said every questions but 1 was on briefmenow.
  11. All the HOL keys expire.
  12. briefmenow.org has the exact test.
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