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    Mates have reported that R55 and R56 had EBGP prefix-list filters that permit only announce. Confirmed? Is there a similar configuration on R15 and R16 for network? Or they have just pre-configured aggregate summary-only command? What it's not clear to me is what R15 and R16 can/can't announce to their EBGP neighbors. It's not clearly stated in any WB I've read. It makes a big difference on the final solution. Is there a clear request about it in the exam? In a common design I would let R15 and R16 announce network only (and - branch network - if needed). Thanks for your accurate feedbacks and congrats! You totally deserve your number!
  2. Hi ccienewbie123, thanks for you accurate feedback and congrats for your achievement. About multicast section, which router/switch the test asks to configure as RP and ping source?
  3. Dear Krat0s, congrats for your achievement and thanks for your accurate feedback. Could you please clarify if the "MPLS UP/DOWN" requirement apply to R50-R51, R40-R41 or both? If you can remember it, could you clarify how R50-R51, R40-R41 announce received routes between them and to their directly connected switches? Thanks a Lot.
  4. Hi dklord666, Congrats for your achievemnt. About New TS, does the material shared by CCIERSMAN ([Hidden Content]) cover the faults that you have found in your lab? Or have you found completely new tickets/requests? Thanks for your feedback and congrats.
  5. Hi MrNode, Congrats for your achievemnt. About New TS, does the material shared by CCIERSMAN ([Hidden Content]) cover the faults that you have found in your lab? Or have you found undocumented varaitons as other members have reported? About OLD DIAG, did you face hsrp+ipv6 tickets or older ones? Thanks and congrats.
  6. Hi AwosAlaa, congrats for your achievement and thanks for the feedback. Does the quoted text means that Cisco asks to solve new faults? Or are there just new variations of known faults? Thanks.
  7. Hi Gago, I know it's not a good time for you and I'm so sorry for your exam result. Could you please help to check the 1st DIAG, clarify the topology and the requests? Below the feedback of another mate, could you please have a check on it? Many Thanks
  8. Dear ronin123, sktcheung, please help to answer to sirguille questions. Your answers can really help to have a clearer view of these new DIAGs. Thanks mates.
  9. Dear jekel, Does cisco ask explicitly to propagate - 'summary only' from R15/R16 and - 'summary only' from R55/R56 in the exam? If so, all the discussion below makes sense to me. I haven't found these requests in the WBs I'm using (except for the screen shoot from R11, but it doesn't mean that it's a 'summary only'). Many thanks for your feedback and congrats for your achievement!
  10. To avoid vce player issues, it would be great if someone able to open the vce file with a designer can convert the vce file into pdf one. Thx.
  11. To all the guys that need to understand which dumps to use, check following thread: [Hidden Content]
  12. Dear engi888, are there new questions available? Thx.
  13. Also a normal A3 workbook will be appreciated. Thx!
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