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  1. Hi q1 you need confgiration steps in CUCM ? q2 you want to forward to voice mail if call is not answerd after 3 sec?
  2. Hi, Send me PM. I have my lab on may
  3. I'm interested In: Udemy - CCIE Routing & Switching Version 5.0 - Multicast Please share.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how to make a Linux/Unix web server for video proxy? I need a web page where people can choose a camera and watch it online. Also i need to create one time users and passwords. I will use hikvision camera. I would appriciate for any tips.
  5. Кто использовал INE для подготовки? насколько они похожи на настоящую лабу?
  6. Have you entered to exec mode? after boot? you should see # after the routers name.
  7. Is there any ongoing groups? I want to join, so pls PM
  8. Пора обновить ветку. Есть кто нибудь кто готовится к CCIE Collaboration?
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