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  1. Shall we create a study group to get the RHCA and share material?
  2. Can you share your dumps?
  3. Can you please reupload the file? It is not available anymore...
  4. There are no difference at all. I think we should create a small group to work in the answers and get the pass ASAP. Are you in?
  5. I will attempt RHCE this month and Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation exam next month. Anyone preparing the Ansible exam and wants to try it next month?
  6. It is funny, why are you assuming that I am going to do business and not talk to him because both of us are in the final journey of this certification? FYI, I don't have any dumps or information about the questions for this exam, yes?
  7. IS there any group created for this?
  8. Can you do RHCEv7 or is mandatory to move to v8?
  9. Only as a reference, OpenStack is a private cloud, Kubernetes is not a cloud...
  10. Is there created any study group in Slack? Can you please send me an invitation otherwise let's create one and clear the exam this year.
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