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  1. i request to all viewer and thank giving people of this topic, DO CARE to feedback when you use the material, that helps other and topic creator to keep the flow smoothly. Once shared and no fruitfull replies creates dead end. Note: fruitfull replies means feedbacks or discussion not thanks/views
  2. yes mavis i myself dig alot to find all dumps and collected and shared with topic ccie rs accumulated, there are 200 thanks to it with more than 1000 views but not even single person replied, its hard to believe that not even 1 person used that and go to exam. i believe either they dont care once they pass or literally none used what i shared. really its disgrace to our forum. very bad its discouraging.
  3. by above links i meant is the first starting two post links(which are absolutely working fine just checked) which includes this three files which i just underlined, you can find them already in those archive links, i just renamed and underlined for easiness and to highlight
  4. Below three files can be found in the two links shared in first two posts: 400-101 Lead2Pass May 2019 LastWeek 100Q CCO_CCIE RS_400-101_98Q+new 2DD -- password: www.ccieonline.net RnS_19-June_2019 with DnD.pdf Edit1: CCO_CCIE RS_400-101_98Q+new 2DD <<< this Q no. - 4, 37, 39, 40, 50, 51, 55, 60, 61, 64, 69, 84, 89, 93, 94, 95, 96, are repeat in this>>>>RnS_19-June_2019 with DnD.pdf (total 17q only repeat between this two), Lead2Pass and CCO both are approximate to each other 95% Edit2: RnS_19-June_2019 with DnD.pdf STANDS out to be most latest and updated, need to validate this one
  5. Last pass is June 20th, just 4days ago. STANDS out to be most latest and updated, need to validate this one [Hidden Content] Anyone going for written ?- keep discussion on here
  6. Its request to all whoever gets latest update do share, less time remain to prepare for lab. Also this archive contains written q from 2019 early till may end, if its sorted out well and made to one single file would be greatly of help, i collected this and share for you, now pls carry this to another level by sorting it. meanwhile if someone have the updated latest one do share here. CCIE RS Written.zip 107MB (mega link inside) [Hidden Content]
  7. in one of other topic link was no more working so here it is reupped [hide][Hidden Content]]
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