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  1. Well done, please confirm you mean 163q not 162q ?
  2. Dude, good share ..................i was wondering about how the virus would affect Asia in regards to lab dates .............life sucks one mans grief is a reason for another mans joy
  3. You do not have to go into detail about materials but it would help us all to have an idea especially if you say everything is already on the forum ...
  4. Hello Firstly well done man ........... Please can you provide a bit more information on what materials you used e.g SPOTO H1 or ....?
  5. Gents I am not so sure this is an updated version as i have seen these questions before so i have my doubts ..but then again he says he passed using them ..
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Guys if you have the last dump you will pass ....................work through all the questions especially evolving techs, BFD, UDLD, my friend was angry because he stopped looking at the dump after comments about dump being old but ..........it is valid enough ..and he just failed because he did not review the last 30 questions in the dumps and most came up
  7. hello guys First post here and wanted to ask if someone could give new link to access the new dump as the one given does not work
  8. hello and please do you have versions higher 7.1.0 for the the PA 3000 ?
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