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  1. Its already working mate. Thanks
  2. Link down by Mega.nz. New link shared.
  3. Sorry, I don't have it.
  4. Hi Team, There are so many times this forum help me to grow my career and now I am preparing for #CISSP and its time for me to give it back to community. Below materials I have been collected from various sources including certcollection. Use below mega.nz link. Instead of download, import to your account before it get blocked. [Hidden Content] Another useful resource which I am using currently is FRSecure Youtube Channel (Look for 2020 FRSecure CISSP Mentor Program).
  5. Spend lots of time to resolve this issue. it will fix if you extend RAM from 512 to 1024. Hope its help Thanks
  6. Thanks for image MrR0b0t.... Does anyone has test topology to verify Port-Channel ? I am trying to make port-channel UP between switch and ASA but not working. Couldn't get enough time to test but ASA image itself its working.
  7. @kamui: I can confirm i86bi_linux_l2-ipbasek9-ms.high_iron image is working for Dot1x, MAB, DACL. NOTE: 1. No unsupported devices between Windows 7 + ISE (Connect PC and ISE on same switch) 2. Please follow EVE-NG instruction for Windows (QEMU = 2.2.0 and QEMU NIC = e1000). Good luck
  8. Hi guys, Can you please add me also..
  9. @mimtiazsultan : sharing again. Please click on thanks to see links as per admin rules. VCE file [Hidden Content] VCE Player [Hidden Content]
  10. I assume, you are new to this certcollection. Please see my post in page and click on Thanks button at bottom right of post. Once you do that, click will be visible. Good luck.
  11. There is no crack for MAC and this version will not work with MAC software. So please use Windows Fusion / Virtualbox or Parallels to install windows OS and use provided windows link only. This solution will not stay there for ever. so whoever serious, help your self and clear it before it get change. Solution is stables since 3rd March and noone can tell up to when. So clear as soon as possible.
  12. There are many users in form passed and confirm its working solution till today morning. One of my friend pass with this solution today. However, noone can guarantee about change. Thanks and good night.
  13. Please check form before seeking for anything. Sharing info again. VCE file [Hidden Content] VCE Player [Hidden Content]
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