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  1. Hi Guys, Got this link from another site, The date is showing as 7th Oct 2019. not sure whether its the latest one. check it out if needed. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Saw this in another forum, hence posting the content. 1 SD-WAN (Viptela) - basic & advanced 2. SD-ACCESS (DNAC) [Hidden Content] Slides [Hidden Content]
  3. Cisco has announced the changes, CCIE Routing and Switching will be replaced by CCIE Enterprise from Feb 24th 2020. The new lab exam format has 2 modules Module #1: Design (3 Hours) Module #2: Deploy, Operate & Optimize (5 Hours)
  4. Check this thread, it has the working version of vce. buts its bit outdated but works fine. [Hidden Content]
  5. Hello Friends, is this study group still active I am planning to give the exam by this year end or early next year. Please add me to the study group.
  6. The magnet link is working fine and the speed is also good, and there are around 10 - 12 seeders. so any one who wants to download this collection can do it for now using the magnet link.
  7. @Security TE, Dude seriously you need not worry what i do in real life. I asked for it since the user said he will post it if ppl are interested. and i know very well all the videos are available in ciscoLive. I was more interested on BGP design and implementation book since there is a latest version which has been released. hence i requested for the materials. And it would be always better if the materials are available in one place not only for me but also for other CCDE aspirants. Hence the request . hope this clarifies why i requested for it. so stop judging others and do some thing worthwhile. Thanks
  8. @ SailmnBackhack Would really appreciate if you can post the materials which you have suggested. it will be really helpful. Thanks
  9. Hi I am planning for the exam on September 5th. Can you please add me ?
  10. the zip files are corrupted all none of the zip files are extracting even if you try with winrar or .7zip
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