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  1. Can you please use mega... the links you posted go everywhere and to many ad sites....
  2. looking for this as well. I know someone that has it, but he's only willing to trade which sucks...
  3. This is why I also keep a local copy.. looks like none of us will get it now.
  4. Have you checked yourself to be sure there is no watermark of any kind ? I think a lot of people really could use this share. But, I agree with you, if the original OP is in trouble, then I can see it not being worth it. Has he gotten back to you yet ?
  5. I doubt it. This change was made by SANS last year in Q4. So, only material from 2018 Q4 and onwards will have it.
  6. Yeah, need this as well. I got the PDF's, but not the USB/VM's for the labs. Would appreciate if someone could upload it ?
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