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  1. mis90

    CCIE LAB Partner

    Please add me too to this group. Planning to take December or January.
  2. C4C and SPOTO, are they almost the same?
  3. Thanks for this, may I know if these are the latest dumps?
  4. What you use to score 939? Jpeg or VCE? Congrats
  5. What score did you get with the changes of answers above?
  6. chulbulpandey, what material did you use? vce or the photos?
  7. Congrats! Did you use the photos shared and vce?
  8. Congrats! Did you use the 100q vce file?
  9. 1.mahipal 2.Truegunner247 3.CarloMun 4.jhonty 5.rinti1012 6.Argentina 7.supermario2018 8.garmahis79 9.mnnad 10.FalseSense 11.kabritoe 12.mah90 13.pavilionx 14.Redhwk 15. trujo 16. emadelders11 17. GFHHC 18. jaz60 19. thedude32 20. siriom1231 21. ramindia 22. laz men 23. optimusPryme 24. ictengineer 25. nana6843 26. lanceeihoda 27. lelien 28. orochi 29. venkatesh123 30. nt7 31. mis90 Nice to to see quick response. as list grow, please add your name at end of list. will target to start group by end of next week.
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