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  1. Found in the interwebzzz [Hidden Content]
  2. I didnt even know it was a thing, i guess thats why there isnt a lot of people complaining about that :D, thx m8
  3. Can someone upload the PDF to another provider pls ? google drive refuses the download after a certain number of downloads
  4. Does the torrent work for someone ?
  5. whats the size of the file?, it doesnt show up anywhere, not even in the download bar. thx
  6. Thank you so much, i looked at the first PDF again, day 6 seems to be some sort of live challenge/exercice..probably no day6 pdf.
  7. I have that content...sadly days 5-6 are missing..i hoped this nitrofile archive may have them but the download keeps reseting. Thank you anyway.
  8. If someone managed to download it,can you pls upload it to another provider.
  9. You can also find it with the latest update on offensive security website: [Hidden Content]
  10. Can someone upload to mega in multiple parts pls.. for some reason..i can never finish downloading the whole file. thank you.
  11. mod 6: EIGRP Default Route mod 12: Avoiding iBGP Full-Mesh Topologies (Route Reflectors) :: Part 2 mod 14 : Label Distribution :: Reserved Labels & Prefix Aggregation u may have to double check just in case. Thank you !!!
  12. Thank you so much for your share. those videos seems to be missing : module 6: video 25 module 12: vid 10 module 14 : vid 10.
  13. Hi sorry about that, when i posted the link they were working..i think the server may be down..retry later ..there is nothing i can do sorry.
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