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  1. Thank you. do you think they have vods too ? this course is golden thx
  2. Does someone have 572 vod? cant find it anywhere
  3. what year is that 508 anyway ? any idea ?
  4. it been an hour saying "downloading metadata", nothing happening...someone else in the same situation ?
  5. Same here, no way i give them my phone number.
  6. so nobody has the password of the archives DSO1 and DSO2 ?
  7. Thank you. Do you have the archives password ? (DSO1_code and DSO2_code require one)
  8. It takes time to download the metadata..it did work for me.
  9. Can someone who downloaded it give details about whats inside and if its worth the download, thank you, i am struggling with bandwidth :p.
  10. I couldn't download the last folder for FOR508 / VID/ 2019 : files 1 and 5 of the folder 5.incident response seems to be missing, am i the only one who cant see them ?
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