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  1. Just tested and original method still works
  2. Does anyone have a newer version of this ?
  3. 404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know. pls reup
  4. Thanks for the update Routerhax0r we look forward to when your next course is posted here thanks for sharing!
  5. All these methods and training would be outdated by now they where outdated in 2013 when the OP asked for them.
  6. Thanks Admin, Mods and helpers for getting the site updated, Is there a easy way to show new posts, There use to be a one click option on the old site, I followed one link and it did show missed content but not sure if it was just showing last few hours or all of the posts.
  7. Is this BoscoP release that you are posting with out giving him any credit, he works hard, at least credit him for posting this as he is a member of this forum
  8. I had some material like this before what I ended up doing is RDP to the machine that holds the material and then then take a screen shot from the machine that you are connecting from. I then had to take the images and remove all the water marks and then put it back in to a PDF. It took time but was able to rip the material.
  9. Would also like to get it as it was pulled before I could fully download it. The file name of the file is below if any one has it in there collection please share [Hidden Content]
  10. Any way to post it again having it not in tags made it easy for the bots to find and get it banned.
  11. Venomzaki thank you for your release but your naming convention for the files is hard to follow. Unless any one has a list to map them to there original name it might be hard to get them from Venomzaki's release
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