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  1. I found this on one of the site, it looks recently updated (7th of September 2019), but because I don't have my exam scheduled yet, I can't say if it is valid or not. Vce file included. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. how do you use yours vce files? Till this month I had install vce on my mobile device. I paid reasonable £9 per month, today I checked and from next month it will cost about £30. I am looking for some other possibilities. Please advice.
  3. What is it? I cant see anything there
  4. any luck? let me know if you find anything.
  5. what did they change? I am going to have my exam in December.
  6. does anyone have a contact to omarjoseph ? he may be very helpful with recent update
  7. any chances to have "missing" materials from SECOPS ?
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