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  1. @gyjys43043 Thanks for that. I downloaded the files and I saw all videos are from 2017. Fyi.
  2. all links are down. Reupload please
  3. link down. reupload thanks
  4. Link down. Upload mega, drive or torrent pls.
  5. This link is working guys. Copy to your mega acc and download. Link: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Hello guys, I am looking for "How to Hack Like a LEGEND: A hacker’s tale breaking into a secretive offshore company" PDF or Epub. Can you help me to find this? [Hidden Content]= Thanks.
  7. Hello, I saw that a book available for Ghidra. Link: [Hidden Content] Could you help to find it? Thanks.
  8. Hello, I am looking for dumps for CTIA. If anyone has it, please share. I looked so many websites but I could not find anything. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Williambaba but could you upload to mega.nz or drive? Edit: I tried to use new links but I got "The file you are trying to access does not exist." error.
  10. Yes, I signed to website but I still could not download. If I click download button, it will direct sign up page again. I do not know why.
  11. I could not download from this link. Can you check? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that, however I already read 6th edition. I am still looking for latest edition.
  13. Hello guys, I am still looking for it. Please help me to find Dutch courses. Thanks.
  14. Hello Guys, I am looking for Splunk Training videos. I completed free courses but I can not take others because of pricing. If anyone has them, please share. [Hidden Content] Thanks.
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