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  1. Do any of the guys have the API testing course by Pranav Hivarekar? Link to the actual course --> [Hidden Content]
  2. does anyone has the videos?
  3. nope the downloads are legit , i downloaded them all , it has google drive link at last
  4. can anyone post the password plz?
  5. Anyone has Mastering Metasploit The Third edition from Nipun Jaswal from PacktPub?
  6. there are total 35 videos in this course , your link has only 23 of them
  7. The course is finished , can someone upload the complete videos please?
  8. just go and buy it bro , its nearly very hard to get the course , also if they are able to record , i dont think the quality would be good
  9. They have uploaded 2 more videos , this course isnt finished yet
  10. my download is yet to complete , it has stopped going after 41% , even though i get 2-3 mbps download on bittorrent , i hope i download goes further so that i can seed it for long for you guys , or else i will upload it to mega after the download completes. If you know any solution for the torrent download to go above 41% do tell me Thanks
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