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  1. Re-uploaded: [Hidden Content]
  2. Hmm... just downloaded it myself, unpacked with 7-zip and opened PDF. Everything seems OK.
  3. Latest Palo Alto Networks official study guide for PCNSE [Hidden Content]
  4. It's a graphical grayscale PDF. [Hidden Content]
  5. Here you go Graphical PDF [Hidden Content]
  6. I used NSE4 5.4 dump 301q from itexamworld.com for NSE4 6.0 preparation. I can't tell you if it is still OK for 5.4 version, I passed 6.0 version. And I used the same NSE4 6.0 dump as here as well. 5.4 retires in a few months, I decided to go straight to 6.0 version.
  7. Yes, questions in the dump are valid, I passed few days ago. But re-check the answers. A lot of answers are wrong. Think with your own mind, And some questions from 5.4 are still valid too. Just pick the question, give your own answer, see what is marked "right" in the dump and if your answer not the same as in this dump, just refer to fortinet cookbook, manual and course. When you are sure what is REALLY right, proceed to next question. This way you'll pass.
  8. HCNA and HCNP student and lab guides. [Hidden Content]
  9. Added description of contents in original post
  10. Official course from Gigamon portal. Most videos are 1080p, but some has lower resolution - that's how they are presented on Gigamon portal, I can't get them in 1080p. No questions are included, only videos. Course contents: [Hidden Content]
  11. Just go and get home license for free: [Hidden Content]
  12. For those who can't download. 1) Download and install JDownloader 2) Paste the link into Jdownloader and start download 3) Extract archive using password above.
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