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  1. Hi, just posting my opinion... I know that things we do here are bad.. We are "stealing" other people's work and sharing, and Peter Van Eeckhoutte have been doing a good job for us and the community... i wish I had the money to do a SANS course or some BH courses or travel to some corelan course... I'd payed without thinking twice, but where I need to save a full year salary to pay a SANS course, and my salary here are very good looking my parents and friends. Soo corelan course is not in my plans now, i'm rushing to be the best I can in web and mobile to go work in a better country, but since I was a teen, and started in this area, I heard it was the best, soo, iv'e been following to see if some day i could be glad to study with his materials. I know that there are others path to study, to follow, other way to go in same direction.. but why not?
  2. Hi, There are some of these rolling down on net.... someone have it? I started download but broken.
  3. A friend of mine just uploaded in his account.. but i think someone here is taking down the links maybe...
  4. Thks i will search there... I'm uploading on zipshare as recommended, I needed to break the zip in 5 parts and my upload is about 200kbs.. soo will be a long day. As soon as i get the links, i will post here!
  5. thks again to voldipoldi he shared first!
  6. ill try to put somewhere... my upload is very low. will take a long time.
  7. UPDATED!... same pass be fast!
  8. did you use this last link that ive posted? With password?
  9. Try again man, just tested and still on.
  10. just paste de folow uri on mega site!
  11. Thanks to the voldipoldi and the password is
  12. Compared both, i don't know if they splitted a topic or included.. but they are basically the same.
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